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David DuGuay

David has been a registered denturist since 1976. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, David moved to Edmonton to attend NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) for his denturist education. Once completed, he was drawn further west and after visiting family, he knew he had to make BC his home. He has lived and practiced in White Rock since 1977. His perfectionism and drive to continually perfect his craft makes David an expert denturist. Never complacent, he constantly seeks out new information, materials and techniques, anything to bring you a better appliance. After decades as a denturist, he still enjoys his profession immensely, both the technical side, and caring for the patients he interacts with every day.    

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Michelle DuGuay

Michelle has been a licensed denturist since 2006, after graduating with honours and awards from Vancouver Community College. Being a third generation denturist, Michelle takes tried and true techniques and craftsmanship and brings them to a new level with the latest technology and materials. She has a keen eye for aesthetics and loves bringing a personalized touch to your prosthesis. She knows that every patient comes to the clinic with a different story, and learning about a person’s experience and their hopes for their future treatment is an important part of the process.  When not at the clinic, Michelle loves traveling, playing music, getting out in nature, and spending time with her family.


Walter DuGuay

Walter started working for a dental lab at the age of 16 in Winnipeg and served with the Dental Corp in the Canadian Armed Services in WWII. While working as a dental technician and dental lab owner in the 1960s, he was an advocate for denturism as it emerged as a separate and legal profession. His determination and outspokenness came at great personal and profession risk, and we are proud to say his hard work and sacrifice is one of the reasons that denturism became legal in Canada, and is an admirable profession today. Walter greatly enjoyed his profession and had a talent for craftsmanship and aesthetics. Even after “retiring” in 1986, he continued to work with David part time in the lab, until he was 80 years old. Walter was posthumously awarded the first annual Hall of Fame Award in 2004 by the Denturist Association of BC. (b 1921 - d 2003)