What is a Denturist?

A denturist is a “denture specialist” who is has received specific education and training and is licensed to provide prosthetics to replace your natural teeth. We see patients clinically and also complete the necessary lab procedures to fabricate, repair or refit full and partial dentures, as well as dentures over implants. Denturists provide denture services directly to the public and no referral is necessary. For certain procedures, we work in conjunction with dentists or oral surgeons to complete your treatment.

How long will my dentures last?

The Denturist Association of BC recommends that dentures be replaced every 5 years. This can vary from person to person and may be influenced by different factors such as the quality of materials used, whether or not the denture has been regularly refitted, and how quickly your bone structure is changing. If you have dental insurance, most plans will pay towards replacement dentures once they are five or more years old. The denture does not change, but your bone structure is always slowly shrinking, and the denture teeth gradually wear out. We are happy to assess your current denture and recommend whether refitting or replacement would be more appropriate.

How often should dentures be relined/rebased?

Dentures should be refitted by relining or rebasing every 2-3 years, depending on how quickly the mouth is changing. Sometimes sooner if teeth have been extracted before the denture was made. At your check up appointment, we will assess how the denture is fitting and whether relining is recommended at the time.

Could I benefit from dental implants?

The answer to this for nearly every patient is “yes”. Dental implants help to secure a denture, making it more stable, improving chewing efficiency and greatly reducing the amount of food that gets underneath it. Implants also help to maintain your bone structure. Once a dentist has determined that you are a suitable candidate for dental implants, the procedure of placing them is straightforward and has become quite common. We work with many skilled dentists and oral surgeons in the local area and are happy to make recommendations.

I’ve been told by my dentist that I have to have my teeth extracted. What are my options?

Before having your teeth extracted, David or Michelle can explain your custom denture options. These may include initial placement dentures, immediate dentures, partial dentures, or dentures on implants.

How long does the process of getting new dentures take?

Most instances we require 5-6 appointments to deliver your finished prosthesis. How long this takes can depend on your availability for appointments, but it is generally a 2-4 weeks process.

What is the cost involved?

Before we can give you an accurate quote, we need to examine your denture and oral cavity in person. This is why we offer a free, no obligation, initial consultation so that you can get the most precise price. In many cases, we will give you a range of options that vary in cost.