Check-up appointments are the most important step to maintaining a healthy smile. Seeing Michelle or David for regular check ups also helps us to keep up to date with your medical and dental history, and allows us to perform an examination of the oral cavity to check for any changes or abnormalities. Your dentures are not self-adjusting. Examining your appliance on a regular basis allows a denturist to check the fit and structural integrity of the prosthesis, how it is functioning, and the health of the tissue surrounding the dentures.

In addition to aiding in the prevention of dental related complications, regular check-up appointments allow for professional cleansing of your dentures at your request. This not only lengthens the life of your dentures, but also makes them easier for you to clean so that you can maintain a bright sparkling smile!

The White Rock Denture Clinic will contact their patients annually to remind them to book their check-up appointment.